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RenPro is a dialysis provider focused on quality patient care and excellent clinical outcomes.

    Some of the benefits of on-site dialysis

  • Build census and give your facility a competitive advantage offering on-site dialysis
  • Quick Admissions, including hard to place patients
  • Eliminate the need for transportation costs and disruption for the patient
  • Better patient quality of life
  • Improvement in Coordination of Care
  • Experienced Multidisciplinary Team Approach
  • Working with RenPro is a true partnership

Get Your Complementary Market Analysis

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    Let us help you determine if on-site dialysis right for your nursing home?

    Market Analysis: At RenPro we pride ourselves on our proprietary software to analyze the dialysis market in your area. We will provide you with a complete market analysis including a forecast showing the estimated number of patients that could be added to your census if you were to bring dialysis on-site.
    We begin by assessing your facility for an adequate space to convert into a dialysis unit. The space required should be between 700-1,100 square feet.
    Once a space is identified we are happy to introduce one of our experienced architects who will layout your new dialysis unit for your approval. Once approved, plans will be drawn and submitted for permit. From there construction will typically take 8 weeks.
    Once construction is completed RenPro will install a water purification system and provide dialysis machines.
    We are ready to care for all patients including complex, high acuity patients. We accept AKI patients, Life-Vest, tracheostomy, and ventilator dependent patients. Our staff is exclusively trained and educated on the care of these patients.

    RenPro’s Dialysis Staff

    RenPro will recruit, educate and fully manage the dialysis staff. Each RenPro staff member is trained on the individual facilities procedures, to ensure a seamless flow between the nursing home and dialysis unit. RenPro provides oversight management with each dialysis unit receiving a regional director of operations who reports directly to a director of operations overseeing you state.

    • Quick Admission Process
    • Staff Management
    • Facility In-Service
    • Hand In Hand Approach

    Discover Our Services


    Nursing Home Dialysis

    Residing in rehabilitation centers, residential and long-term facilities, patients benefit from the convenience of on-site dialysis, which allows for a seamless integration with other therapies and services.


    Home Services

    Home dialysis treatment offers flexibility a!nd an improved well-being for the patient. The!patient can also enjoy the freedom and flexibility of maintaining their regularlifestyle, while still receiving the necessary medical intervention.


    Transitional Home Services

    RenPro offers an option for those who may want to dialyze in the comfort of their own home as opposed to returning to an outpatient clinic. This unique service is called Transitional Home Program (THP).

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