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RenPro is a Dialysis provider focused on Quality patient care and excellent clinical outcomes. RenPro has the infrastructure and expertise to manage treatments in all clinical settings.


Residing in rehabilitation centers, residential and long-term care facilities, patients benefit from the convenience of Nursing Home on-site dialysis, which allows for a seamless integration with other therapies and services. Coordinated treatment which is delivered in a familiar environment can also reduce stress and disruption to the patient. The continuous service of Nursing Home on-site dialysis is a valuable component in helping patients to achieve full daily functionality. 

We understand the complexity of the nursing home environment and are experienced at coordinating Nursing Home dialysis along with the resident’s other activity schedules. Dialysis treatments are scheduled in an effective manner which limits the disruptions in a resident’s day.  On-site treatment provides convenience as well as eliminates time having to be transported to an outside location. More time in the facility allows for more time to participate in therapy and other healthcare models.

Our caregivers work together with each resident’s physician, to design an individualized treatment plan which will ensure the best outcome. Clinical supervision is provided by our Board Certified Nephrologists. Our Clinical Team monitors Vascular Access, Hemoglobin and Hematocrit levels in real time, minimizing complications and avoiding unnecessary hospitalizations.


Home dialysis treatment offers flexibility and an improved well-being for the patient. The patient can also enjoy the freedom and flexibility of maintaining their regular lifestyle, while still receiving the necessary medical intervention.

At home treatment with peritoneal dialysis is a continuous treatment model, enacted through a catheter which is surgically placed in the abdomen. This helps to control extra fluid more easily and may reduce stress on the heart and blood vessels. RenPro’s skilled and professional team provides a comprehensive training program for each patient. Patients are supplied with the education, tools and support they need in order to maintain their treatment regimen within their home.


RenPro offers an option for those who may want to dialyze in the comfort of their own home as opposed to returning to an outpatient clinic. This unique service is called Transitional Home Program (THP).  Our THP is for patients residing in a skilled nursing facility that are anticipating returning home or for patients receiving treatment in an outpatient dialysis facility who may want to dialyze at home. Our Transitions Team will assist the dialysis patient seamlessly discharge from a skilled nursing facility to home or from an outpatient dialysis facility to home.

Our daily home hemodialysis program is designed to provide patients and caregivers with flexibility and convenience which is not available in an outpatient dialysis clinic.  Our program offers the NxStage dialysis machine, designed to be simple and easy to use.

Our Transitional Home Program (THP) involves educating the dialysis patient and their care partner (spouse, family member, caregiver or friend).  Our experienced clinical team will develop a comprehensive training program and provide training and support in order to safely perform dialysis at home.

During the training period, the dialysis patient and care partner will build the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence to begin performing home hemodialysis at home.  Our Transitions Team will begin the education and support process while the dialysis patient is residing at the skilled nursing facility and transition to their home upon discharge.

Once home, our Transitions Team consisting of a Nephrologist, RN, Social Worker and Dietitian, provides on-going consultation, oversight, phone support and monthly visits.