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Quick Admission Process

RenPro knows how important it is to expedite the admissions process. In doing so we pride ourselves on a quick approval process which begins immediately at the time of referral. Our dedicated admissions specialists are ready to serve you 7 days a week.
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Facility In-Service

RenPro offers regular in-services and education for all departments participating in the care of dialysis patients. Custom education can also be provided to staff at the facility upon request. In-services will include facility Nurses, CNAs, Admissions, Housekeeping, Management, Dietary and Social Services.
Hand in a Hand Approach

Hand In Hand Approach

Renpro’s renal Dietitians and Social Workers will collaborate with the facility Dietitian and Social Services department so that we are all working together as a team to improve quality of care and achieve best patient outcomes. RenPro prides itself in developing these strong relationships so that we coordinate patient care resulting in a better quality of life. Working with RenPro is really a true partnership.
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Staff Management

RenPro will recruit, educate and fully manage the dialysis staff. Each RenPro staff member is trained on the individual facilities procedures, to ensure a seamless flow between the nursing home and dialysis unit. RenPro prides itself on maintaining excellent communication between the facility’s staff and dialysis staff in order to create a true sense of partnership.
Prepared for All Patients

Prepared For All Patients

We are ready to care for all patients including complex, high acuity patients. We accept AKI patients, Life-Vest, tracheostomy, and ventilator dependent patients. Our staff is exclusively trained and educated on the care of these patients.
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Coordination In Care

RenPro understands how important it is to coordinate patient care in order to achieve excellent clinical outcomes and improve quality of life. This will include but not be limited to RenPro staff attending monthly care plan and QAPI meetings. Dialysis treatment schedules will be coordinated efficiently to minimize patient’s daily life disruptions allowing time for therapies and other healthcare models.